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Enabling technological excellence for transformative business growth

Techraq represents the zeal and determination of young professionals with an unwavering commitment to give all it takes. Our passion for success is not only for our selves but for all our patrons who believe in our vision as much as we do. At Techraq, we have confidence in the trust and goodwill we have built in the industry as individuals and believe that together we can have a greater impact on the community as we ascend to the next phase of our career.

Trusted partner
Experience you can trust, service you can rely on

We are not only well-crafted and professional but passionate and enthusiastic about your business and all it represents to you. That is why you can rely on us to transform your designs and concepts to the most lucrative solutions suited for your business, with ease and proficiency.

Certified vendor
Well designed and implemented technology with minimal interreference

ur proud affiliations with a variety of global security and technology solutions suppliers allow us to offer you the very finest business solutions that will elevate your performance to continued success. Preferred vendors such as ourselves deliver the best overall value to your project through Strategic Sourcing, allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business functions.

Innovative solutions provider
Real value addition to your premise

Operating in a developing commercial hub poses unique obstacles every day, but the dedication of our team ensures that TECHRAQ is able to navigate the sector and continue to develop new skills and expertise on a daily basis to serve you.

Highly qualified team
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The strength of the experience and background of our team is a key part of our ability to carry out your business plan. We are well versed in project management, design reviewing, and managing same through to successful completion.

Round the clock customer service
Delegate to us, at no cost to you

We believe that our unique approach to serving you makes us stand out f rom the rest. ‘’Taking things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations’’ is our approach to clearing the path ahead for you. We thrive on solving problems for our customers and consider it a central part of our support role as your trusted partner.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients

Trust and Worth

Our Clients

Our Solutions​

Intercom systems

by Commax

Innovative technology allows Commax to easily integrate it self to any smart system that exists within your operations. They are a harmonious combination of...

Access control systems

The function of an access control system is beyond protecting a building and its occupants against threats from the exterior of its limitations. In the...

CCTV solutions

Surveillance solutions with us will provide you with a reliable security system that houses a full spectrum of features such as high-resolution camera and sensor....

Structured cablin

by Leviton

A well designed and implemented structured cabling setup is a great asset for all commercial entities. The highly adaptable and scalable nature of...

AMC contracts

By undertaking the maintenance aspect of mission-critical IT equipment, our services division gives you the assurance that your business continuity is being cared....

RFID tracking solutions

RFID asset monitoring has established itself as a "go-to" solution as businesses strive for the overall management of their assets that are essential to....

Membership management software

for Gymnasiums and recreational programs. This will allow you to process payments, manage membership status...

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